Having a rejected visa can be a tough pill to swallow, I mean, we can all agree that this frustrating event leads to the dismissal of thorough future plans for both immigration and student pathways.  After this rejection, a lot of candidates find it difficult to put themselves together to file for reapplication.  The good news is that the IRCC states facts of refusal in the rejection letter, so no need to worry as with strict adherence to the rules of the IRCC, there are possibilities that the second time could be the charm.


With the subsidized study fees of Canadian institutions, Canada has remained one of the best study destinations in the world. Here are the reasons why student visas are denied:

No travel history: travel history shows that candidates have explored the options of other countries and have been of good behavior during their times in these countries.

Low proof of funds to cover tuition and living expense: failure to provide proper financial resources to finance your travel to and stay in Canada.

Failure to demonstrate strong ties to home country: in most cases, candidates fail to present documentation that demonstrates that after their course, they have plans to return to their home country. There are many other parameters that trigger rejection, however the basic reasons around these points listed above. The best option, therefore, remains for you to apply with your newly improved application.

Chances are if your visa was denied once or more than once, you have not imputed the pivotal information or followed strictly the rules designated to that particular visa. In cases like this, your alternative points to seeking professional assistance. It may then be in your best interest to talk to an immigration consultant with vital experience in Canadian immigration.

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