Canada’s Express Entry stream has maintained its two weeks selection period for inviting overly qualified candidates, both for express entry stream and the provincial nomination program, an express entry profile must be created for the candidate to aid selection. For the PNP stream, nominations can take more than two weeks as each province has its own leverage for the selection process, however, candidates must still brace themselves up incases of impromptu selection that can happen at any time.





As a farmer getting ready to cultivate his harvest, you are expected to go all out to ensure that the welfare of your proceeds is properly taken care of. Same applies to the Canadian selection period, candidates are expected to be on their toes with both inquisitiveness and the need to extra cross-check that the documents they are in possession of are the ones needed.

We understand that you might feel anxious during the waiting process, but here are some things you can do in preparation for your selection:

Get your documents in place: ensure that your documents listed in the documentation checklist given to you are gathered and properly drafted to ensure swift collation of the documents to enable rapid submission.

Keep your profile up to date: Ensure that the information in your profile stays accurate at all times. Be advised to update your profile if any change arises or occurs. The IRCC must be aware of any sudden development to stay abreast of the authenticity of your information.

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