The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a community-driven program designed to spread the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities by creating a path to permanent residence for skilled workers who intend to work and live in participating communities.

The RNIP was majorly created with the sole purpose of attracting skilled newcomers to the country’s rural and small communities which are usually neglected by foreign immigrants. The five-year pilot program has now begun accepting applications in three of its eleven participating communities.


The Rural and Northern Immigrants can be achieved with the following steps;
Check that you meet the I.R.C.C requirements and Community specific requirements.

  • The first step in applying through the RNIP is to obtain a full-time; non-seasonal job offer from an employer in one of the selected communities. Find an eligible job with an employer; the job offer must be in an occupation with a National Occupation Classification (NOC) code that matches the applicant’s work experience.
  • In addition to a job offer, the candidate must meet language requirements for their NOC category and
  • You must have completed an education that is equivalent to a Canadian high school diploma.

Once such a candidate has successfully secured a job, the next step would be to proceed with the submission of a formal application which the community has to consider for a recommendation. Please note that a community can only recommend a candidate when such a candidate meets its requirements.

After such a candidate has gotten an appropriate recommendation required, then he/she can move on to apply for the permanent residence visa. Please note that each community will have its own specific requirements, so do not expect one requirement to work for all communities.

In addition to securing a job offer, the candidate must also ensure that he/she meets the general Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada’s requirements for the permanent residence application. This is because the end goal of the RNIP is to be an alternative route to securing permanent residency, therefore, candidates must also ensure that they meet the IRCC’s requirement to endeavor their profile can be duly accessed for the permanent residence application process.


Have a qualifying work experience- of at least 1,560 hours in the past 3 years. Ensure that you can count the hours worked in both part-time and full-time jobs of 12 months- both in or outside Canada. The work experience must include the main duties and essential duties listed in your National Occupational of Canada (NOC) code.

Language Requirement; You must meet the minimum language requirement based on the NOC category that applies to the job offer in the community.
Please note; NOC 0 and A (Management and Professional Jobs); such candidate would need a CLB 6.

For NOC B (Technical Jobs) CLB 5. NOC C and D (Intermediate and Labor jobs) CLB 4.

The IELTS test result must not be older than 2 years.

  • Education Requirement: An Educational Credential Assessment report from any of the designated credential evaluation bodies must be provided. This report must be less than 5 years.
  • Proof of funds; Candidates must prove that they have enough money to support themselves and their families whether the family members accompany them or not while they plan to settle in the community.
  • Living Intent: You must intend to live in a community for as long as 2 years before deciding to change location.

To this end, you can make researches on the weather, prominent jobs, way of life and all to get yourself prepared in all cognitive ways.

Community websites; Check community requirements on their website. If a community doesn’t have a website yet, that is because they haven’t launched the pilot. Getting a job is the most paramount as, without a job offer, you cannot apply for your permanent residence visa.


 North Bay-ON,
Sudbury- ON,
Sault Ste. Marie-ON,
Altona|Rhineland- MB,
Moose Jaw-SK,
West Kootenay-BC.


Each community has its own requirement for its job search process, please endeavor to follow all instructions on their websites. Here are some major job requirements; the job must be full-time, must be non-seasonal, your prior experience must show that you are the best fit for the job. Once you have all this, getting a job offer is guaranteed.

Once the job offer has been secured, submit your application for recommendation and after the recommendation, you can apply for the Canadian PR visa.

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