Over time, there have proven to be easier options than Express Entry for achieving your goal of Canadian permanent residence. There is also no doubt that the Express Entry Stream is Canada’s main source of skilled foreign workers, managing the profiles of candidates for the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trade Class, and Canadian Experience Class.

The minimum CRS scores required to receive an ITA this year have ranged from 438 to 470. A look at the composition of the Express Entry pool as of August 15, 2019, shows that only around 13 percent of Express Entry candidates had CRS scores in this range.



The Best Substitute Pathway

The Provincial Nominee Stream has become a dependable alternative immigration pathway for the vast majority of candidates whose scores are below those being drawn, or who do not have an Express Entry profile, there are numerous provincial immigration streams that have been extremely active in 2019.

This allows participating provinces and territories to nominate a set number of immigration candidates for Canadian permanent residence who have talent that is missing from their labor markets. Since January, there have been more than 160 draws conducted through provincial streams compared to the 17 Express Entry invitation rounds held this year.

Low or no CRS score required

To enhance transparency and demonstrate their basis of candidate selection, there are two types of provincial nomination streams:

  • Enhanced nomination streams, which are linked to Express Entry
  • Base nomination streams, which are not linked with Express Entry

All nine provinces and two territories that take part in the PNP have enhanced nomination streams linked to the Express Entry system. Many of these streams hold their own draws that often have minimum CRS scores that are lower than Express Entry draws. For example, the Province of Alberta has invited candidates with CRS scores as low as 300 this year.

Other provinces, such as Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia have enhanced nomination streams that do not consider a candidate’s CRS score.

Candidates who are selected through enhanced nomination streams are invited to apply for a provincial nomination. If they are successful, they receive an additional 600 points towards their Express Entry CRS score and are effectively guaranteed an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Provinces also have their own “base” nomination streams that are not aligned with Express Entry. These can provide individuals who may not be eligible for Express Entry but have skills or education that are required by a given province with a pathway to Canadian permanent residence. Many provinces have base streams that value specific qualifications or occupations (e.g., physicians, daycare workers, or long-haul truck drivers). Other base streams are suited for those who have spent time in the province as a student or visitor or have a family or friend connection.

Canada keeps creating and establishing mediums to ensure that foreign skills and talents are welcomed into her economy to foster globalization and global peace and security. This is your opportunity, do not allow this opportunity pass you by, get started immediately.

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