The saying “Health is Wealth” is not far from the truth and Canada is quite dogged when it comes to waiving applications based on poor and inconclusive medical reports. Canada’s strict zero tolerance of admissions of candidates without medical reports is based on the 2015 medical directive by Dr. Gushulak, Director General of Medical Services Branch, Citizenship and Immigration Canada expressing general concerns regarding risks to the public health or safety will continue to be most important in assessing a migrant’s admissibility to Canada.

Medical Admissibility Requirements


  • Blood tests, urine test, and X-rays

  • Prior medical records and the mental state are examined.

  • HIV and Tuberculosis test which is also applicable to pregnant women and their infants.

Applicants are Denied when;

  • Their condition would danger the health and safety of the social population.

  • Their admission might cause excessive demand on existing social or health services provided by the government

  • There are dangers of contagion;

  • Unpredictable or unusual behavior that may create a danger to public safety.

It is pertinent to understand the exponential importance of a well-conducted medical report to the success of your Canada immigration process and it is advisable to ensure that all your documents are authentic and void of falsifications. With how case sensitive the entire application is, the secret is to employ skilled professionals who are in line with all the requirements of the applications at all levels.

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