The province of Saskatchewan in Canada is the most promising province for Canadian immigration. With her steady reviews and additions of her Occupation-in-Demand list, it has ensured that there is a consistent admission slot for aspiring Canadian immigrants in one way or another. Working in line with the Express Entry subcategory, it is obvious that Saskatchewan is a strong supporter in the admission of new immigrants into the Canadian economy to foster growth and rapid development.

In its just concluded draw, we witnessed that it paved way for the issuance of ITA’s to 202 Canadian immigration candidates with work experience in seven of its updated occupations, to apply for its provincial nomination for the Canadian permanent residence. Through the combination of Canada’s Express Entry and Saskatchewan’s Occupation-In-Demand immigration sub-categories, it’s draws targeted candidates with work experiences in the following occupations; these occupations have been scrutinized by the National Occupational Classification and have been certified under the professional codes listed below:

0423 Managers in social, community and correctional services.
3216 Medical sonographers
4151 Psychologists.
4215 Instructors of persons with disabilities.
6331 Butchers
6332 Bakers

Conference and Event planner with NOC Code 1226 has unfortunately been taken away from the list of Saskatchewan’s occupation in demand as the rush was much and there were limited slots available. Work experience in an occupation on the list is the major prerequisite for eligibility for both the SINP (Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program)  Express Entry and the Occupation in demand subcategories. This shows that without a valid job offer, candidates would still be qualified to get their ITA, once they have work experience under the Canada Experience Class (CEC) immigration pathway requirements.

How to Start your process

Pals Concierge helps Canadian Immigration candidates to get the right criteria on how to apply for this extraordinary immigration pathway and build their profiles to ensure that they are in the pool before the next draw is conducted. We are experts in immigration consultation and we can help you make the Canadian Permanent Residence process less burdensome with guidelines for the sequence, where and what to do, IELTS exam success strategy etc. The earlier you submit your profile to the Canadian Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Pools the better your chances of receiving an ITA and LAA respectively. You do not know when the next draw will take place with a cut-off Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score lower than your CRS score.  If you desire to join the pools to qualify for a draw then click on this link to assess your Canadian Permanent Residence eligibility-

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