The World Education System (WES) has updated its standards of required documents and have removed the Senior Secondary School Certificate known as Waec from the list of required documents as part of the Educational Credential Assessment for foreign immigrants to Canada.

This is a piece of amazing news, and it is getting a lot of positive responses as a lot of candidates attest to the fact that personally or via hearsay, they have gone through or come in contact with the cumbersome procedures that follow suit once a discrepancy is spotted in the Waec result, most especially in age.

The government of Canada is yet again keeping true to its promises of inviting over One million candidates by deciphering diverse streams to increase the influx of immigrants which Waec verification in the ECA process had proven to be one of the most strenuous procedures in the Canadian immigration application process. Canada’s central plank is focused on improving Credential Recognition to ensure that qualified immigrants are able to secure job placements in occupations where they are most skilled.

Now remains the time to begin your application process, as we are well aware that the exclusion of the Waec verification from Waec board can fast-track the process of your application process. Canada consistently tries to ensure that immigrants integration happens with smooth sailing, but the question now is are you ready to make your dreams a reality?.

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