The recent events of constant refusals of entry of Nigerians with valid visas to the United States have stemmed up a lot of mixed emotions on the Nigerian government. The fact that on the United States President’s Red-alert” List of threat-posed Muslim nations in Africa, Nigeria was never added to that list, the Nigerian government is doing everything within its powers to protect its citizens from undergoing such ill-fate by advising that they steer clear off the borders of the United State till a possible solution is deciphered.





The special advisor to the Nigerian president on diaspora affairs liaised with the Nigerian president to advise that travelling to the United States should be far-fetched for now. This is because the reasons for the denial of these Nigerians entry to the US were flimsy and the entire Nigerian government is perplexed and quite shocked at the unlawful turn of events and ill-treatment of their nationals.

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