Canada’s federal government and many of its provinces and territories have immigration streams that are used to select candidates from the Express Entry pool and provide these candidates with the opportunity to apply for Canadian permanent residence. With the help of the Human Core Capital factors: such as Age, Level of education, Language proficiency and work experience, IRCC has been able to successfully select international skills who have proven tendencies of adding core values to the growth and development of Canada.

 Amongst IRCC’s selections, Nigeria bags 2nd place as the most welcomed country to Canada since 2018, this is as a result of Nigerians having reputable expertise in the occupations in demand in the labor market as at when their applications were sent in. IRCC has exclusively handpicked overly qualified and industrious candidates who have expressed an adequate level of skill, competence, and prowess in their fields which are in line with the National Classification of Occupations they have chosen to align with.


Citizens of India dominated Express Entry invitations in 2018, receiving 46 percent of all ITAs issued (41,675). Citizens of China were a distant second, with 6,248 ITAs, followed by citizens of Nigeria, who received 6,025 ITAs last year. 3112 ITAs were issued to candidates from Pakistan and 2,553 awarded to candidates from the United Kingdom. The issuance of ITAs to candidates in Nigeria is concurrent and you can stand a chance to be part of this generous selection by beginning your process as soon as possible.

The IRCC data shows that 51% of Express Entry candidates who received an ITA in 2018 were between the ages of 20-29 with a first degree (BSC, BA, MSC or entry-to-practice professional degree and another 42 percent had a post-secondary credential of three years or longer. While 39% percent of candidates ages 29 and above received ITA s with a higher degree (Ph.D., MSC with a high level of work expertise and an excellent score in the core human capital factors. A majority of candidates (60 percent) had no Canadian work experience or job offer, while 39 percent had five years or more of foreign work experience.


By receiving above 6,025 invitations and counting, it shows that there is a particular mastery of skill affiliated with Nigerian immigrants. It could be you but only when you have joined the selection pool. If you desire to join the pools to qualify for a draw then fill out our eligibility assessment form on For further information regarding the procedures for applying for Canadian Permanent Residence or top-notch guide towards a successful Canada visa application, visit us at our office address: 

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