After several free pre-consultation sessions, I opened up to the lady and told her about my financial setbacks. Surprisingly, she assured me that she would get approval for my offer. Their service fees and terms were clear and concise, and they only get their balance of consulting fees after I get my visa. That further reassured me.

See, before I could say, Jack Robinson, they put my wife and I through the entire process. From providing a detailed IELTS study guide, which helped us score excellent marks, to joining the Express Entry pool as well as getting the ITA and finally the almighty PR visa. Sounds swift right? Omo, there are loads of steps required for this Canadian PR visa. If you meet a consultant that tells you can boycott these steps by winning a lottery, please run-away o!

Permanent residence visas in hand, we were feeling on top of the world, and surely Oluwa was on our side. Our case manager had booked our flight, and we left before the bat of an eyelid, contrary to most customs story we had heard about Nigeria customs at the airport, ours was hassle-free. My kids had extreme enthusiasm like Ben-10, and that perhaps worked to our favor as we were less scrutinized and kept getting help from officials and getting taken to the front of queues. We boarded the flight without any drama and took off right after.

The ambiance of the aircraft was terrific, and I can say it was already bracing us up for what to expect upon landing, the connection flight waiting time was a long one – seven long hours. It felt like a ten-year wait in France as we were too eager to arrive in Canada. I could have gotten tickets with shorter flight duration, but we could not afford it. 

At last! Canada was in sight, the 14 hours’ time spent on air and 7 hours wait time had paid off. It looked more beautiful and serene with more trees than I anticipated. Words cannot express the indescribable feeling of the screeching tires when we touched down- it was incredibly unreal. We proceeded to join the immigrants’ queue, and the pleasant welcome for immigrants was immediately evident.

Thank God we had a Canadian home/delivery address as we needed this at most desks (Pals Concierge’s valid travel tips). We finished swiftly from immigration to where we were asked the “no terrorism/convict question.” The officials were firm but friendly and even gave my super-active kids teddy bears. At this point we got internet, so we informed home, and called my friend Chijioke on WhatsApp, he was already in the airport waiting to pick us up.

The temperature was 14 degrees Celsius, well, that was ok. This place is beautiful and quiet. The air is crisp and feels clean. Chijioke says the air pollution level is checked periodically. The people are gentle, friendly, and polite. Everywhere I turn, I see a society with a mission to live quality lives. I’m so looking forward to fully integrating and being a part of this awesome experience.

Once again, if you are looking to go through the Canada PR visa application and you are unsure of how to start, or you have started and don’t know what next to do, contact Pals Concierge, and they will handle the rest. Hurry now to secure spots for their free one on one consultation sessions via;

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