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Bothered about your Comprehensive Ranking System aggregate score been lower than the cut off of the latest CRS Canadian immigration eligibility draw and the jeopardy of your chances at the Express Entry Program for your Canadian immigration process? Well, you need not worry as this is a run through of the importance of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and its speedy yet swift acquisition. The Canadian Immigration PN Program comprises of partnerships between the Canadian government and governments of the provinces to select individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and settle in particular provinces. Under these agreements, provinces may nominate applicants who will otherwise make important contributions to the province.

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To immigrate to Canada under the PNP program, an individual must first apply for the Provincial Nomination Certificate to the provincial government where they would like to reside. One must bear in mind that each province has its metrics for weight-age of points distribution, with that being said; here are the Canadian Provinces which we are specialized in a) Nova Scotia, b) Manitoba, c) Saskatchewan, d) Prince Edward.


  • Subscribe to the Pals Concierge Service: The best way to go about Canadian Immigration is the Pals Concierge way like our name implies, we are caretakers professionally inclined to cater to your Canadian immigration needs and help fulfill those requirements.

  • Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island: a candidate has to meet the required score point declared by the province. We are here to guide you through achieving the province’s score point with flying colors by providing study packs and guides.

  • Manitoba: for one to qualify for the MPNP, the candidate must have a supporter, friend or relative for reference purposes. All these aren’t available? Look no further as we are here to provide supporters for you.

  • Saskatchewan: This province for one is interested in skilled foreign immigrants to fill their list of published Occupation in Demand. Still not fitting into any Occupation? We have our way of arranging a trade certificate to qualify you their occupations in demand.

    Pals Concierge helps Canadian Immigration candidates to get the right criteria on how to apply for this extraordinary immigration pathway and build their profiles to ensure that they are in the pool before the next draw is conducted. We are experts in immigration consultation and we can help you make the Canadian Permanent Residence process less burdensome with guidelines for the sequence, where and what to do, IELTS exam success strategy etc. The earlier you submit your profile to the Canadian Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Pools the better your chances of receiving an ITA and LAA respectively. You do not know when the next draw will take place with a cut-off Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score lower than your CRS score.  If you desire to join the pools to qualify for a draw then click on this link to assess your Canadian Permanent Residence eligibility- http://canada.palsconcierge.com

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