Both the findings of the Conference Board of Canada Study and the Public Opinion Research Institute “Spring Focus 2019 Canada Survey” has discovered that the views of Canadian citizens on Immigration and Refugees have remained remarkably positive since its previous study in October 2018 as they believe that immigration will account for “All the net labor force growth between 2018 and 2040.


Immigration combined with efforts to improve the participation of groups in Canada’s labor force is the best path for ensuring the country’s economic growth and development. The study interviews Canadians in a bid to check and balance the importance of Immigration to the Canadian economy.  Statistics show that a lot of Canadians are thankful that the immigration scheme is still on due to the influx of extra- assistance to society. A lot of citizens pointed out the factors of the positive impact on the economy, low impact on crime rates and the impact immigration has on the country’s economy as a whole.

Immigrants from diverse parts of the world need not bother about how to integrate and assimilate into the Canadian economy as it is obvious that they need helping hands to fill in specific social positions. With the various Federal Streams of immigration Programs, the Canadian government is able to select candidates that are excellent in particular skills and trades equivalent to types needed at the time of application.

It is not easy to load up your life into a couple of suitcases and move to another country, especially when the country is far away across continents and oceans. We are here to encourage you not to hold back on chasing your dreams and trying new possibilities because of ‘hear-say.

This is the time to make that move as Canada is on the brim of constant expansion of its immigration admission to foster her economic development.

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