The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a very important and required test anyone who is either applying for study, work or a visa to Canada must take. It is an International standardized test of English language proficiency for both non-native English language and native English language speaking countries. Taking this test shows you can communicate in English, hence, you are eligible (on one part) to immigrate to Canada.

IELTS is an exam administered by the British Council which has been written by over 3million people in the past. The exam assesses your English proficiency on the scale of 1-9 in four skills which include: listening, reading, writing, speaking which are all completed in one sitting. Sometimes, the speaking test is taken on the same day or seven days before or after the other tests.

The score of your IELTS is mostly depended on the cumulative score of the other criteria. It is, therefore, necessary you know the required score for your IELTS before you take the exam. There is no limit on when and how often you can retake the exam but it is important you take time to study very well before you attempt the exam.

Taking this exam is nothing to worry about as there are available materials online as well as registered test centers in Nigeria that offer preparatory courses and language classes to guide you through the stages.

Why do I need IELTS to migrate to Canada?

First, you need to understand that without IELTS your visa application is incomplete. It is not just a document to submit but a required document that shows that you understand and can speak English fluently.  If you desire to be a resident of Canada, IELTS will pave the way for you.

Sometimes, some people ask why they are required to take the test since they are from English speaking countries. All applicants, again all applicants are required to do this test, it’s a way to standardize their eligibility criteria.

Thinking of when to take IELTS?

If you apply to take the IELTS, an email will be sent to you ten days before the test date confirming the venue for your test and the timetable.

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