As a recipient country, it is imperative for Canada to ensure that the foreign skilled workers it harbors in its borders are people with excellent decorum. Often the police certificate is required as a background scrutiny on people who want to change their country of residence. Candidates who are found guilty of having a terrible past criminal record in their home countries can be found inadmissible to Canada.

A Police Certificate or report is a copy of your criminal record or statement that you do not have any criminal records. It is a mandatory document and it has to be submitted along with other documents in the PR application process.


The police report is required for the Principal applicant, accompanying spouse and all family members above 18 years of age. If you have lived in any country during the last 10 years for 6months in a row, then a police report is requested. Getting a Police certificate varies country by country; each country has its requirements, but we would focus on how to get the Police certificate in Nigeria.


  • Valid International Passport.
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • Application fees (4,000-8,000) varies.

Research is key in any form of application, so I would advise that before you take on the application process, try to get the actual price for the application fee.


There are two means of application; either in person or through the Nigerian Police clearance website.

TO APPLY IN PERSON- Go to the Central Criminal Registry Force- CID department, Alagbon Close, Ikoyi, Lagos state. Upon arrival, explain to the officer in charge that you want to get a police character clearance certificate and you would be duly directed to the appropriate office.

Once you get there, pay the service charge fee, and collect the application form. Fill out the forms; Page 1- Name (as shown on passport), address, tribe, place of birth, year of birth, signature, the reason for inquiry (Canada Immigration) and affix photograph.

Page 2: Sex, name, race (black American), Fingerprints as instructed. (First Row- Right Fingers only> Button Right corner- Right Fingers -Thumb. Second Row- Left fingers only> bottom Left corner- Left fingers- thumb).

Duly fill the form and attach and passport photograph. This entire process can be done in one day, the major determinant of the accuracy of its release is; the number of applications available, the forensic department also has to conduct a thorough check on your fingerprints to ensure that it checks out.


Step 1: The first step is to log on to the Nigerian Police Clearance Certificate: > next click on Nigeria Police Clearance.

Step 2: The next step is Register> click on the profile icon to register> input your first name, last name or surname, phone number, valid email address and click on Register. Once your profile has been created an Application ID would be generated for you. To login to access your profile, click on the left side of the portal> once opened, enter your email address and application ID then click on Login.

Step 3: Once all of step one is done, you would receive a welcome message> tap on “Click here to Proceed” and you would be directed to the complete page.

  • The details the form would carry are First name, middle name, last name, phone number, Date of birth (dd/mm/yy), marital status, State, L.G.A, Sex, Place of Birth, National Identity Management Commission, Address, Bank account number, bank name, type of account, your current employer, your current position, profession.


Step 4: Back to your dashboard in your profile, click on the application form for the Nigerian Police Clearance form> right click and save on PC, the normal format is landscape form so please endeavor to change the orientation to Portrait to make the document vertical. > Then send it to the printer to print.

Step 5: Fill the form, name, address, tribe, place of birth, year of birth, signature and affix passport. Check out page 2 and follow all directives for the fingerprints.

Please Note:

If you are applying from another country, you will need to scan each of the pages separately (and must be in PDF format), and a copy of your passport data page.

Step 6:

Click “Apply Now” to proceed with the application, and pay the service fee. Pay only via, Paypal or wowpay.

 Step 7:

Send your scanned and completed form. Upload the bio-data page of your International Passport

Step 8:

Print out the information submitted then take the print out to the forensic section in the State Police Command for fingerprint analysis.


You will still need to certify this cert. upon arrival at the Nigerian embassy or consulate in your host country. Also bear in mind that, the Canadian immigration officer does not accept police certificates sent by mail for express entry application.


The collection could take between 5-10 days, because the information you submitted will still be forwarded to the Criminal registry office, Alagbon Close, Ikoyi, Lagos, which is then forwarded back to your state upon completion. So, you’ll have to be patient if you are applying via the state command.

If you are in a hurry, go directly to the Criminal Registry Office, Lagos, where it could be done within a day, depending on the number of applications available for scrutiny and processing.


Provide the above information about you as you have done in your Immigration application, otherwise, you could be misrepresenting yourself, which may affect you later. Please pay special attention to the information you provide and make sure you check and cross-check before you submit any sensitive form.

Watch the full step by step video of the police application process here:

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