Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program has grown exponentially since its creation in the 1990s and now stands second only to the federal Express Entry system as the leading pathway to Canadian permanent residence for skilled foreign workers. Recent weeks have seen nominee streams in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Nova Scotia issue more than 2,500 invitations to workers with a range of skills and professional experience to apply for a nomination for Canadian permanent residence.

The Provincial Nominee Program, or PNP, gives nine Canadian provinces and two territories the power to select immigrants who meet local labor market needs and priorities. Quebec is the only Canadian province that does not take part in the PNP. It has a separate agreement with the federal government that gives it sole responsibility for the selection of economic-class immigrants.

The reasons for this expansion are clear: Canada’s population is aging; its birth rate is declining and labor shortages are expanding as a result. This trend is especially heightened in smaller provinces, which are also struggling with the loss of residents to other parts of Canada.

Canada’s immigration ministry, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), spoke to this rising need for international labor in its annual report in 2018: “While many jobs can be filled by Canadians, gaps remain. Recent projections indicate that existing labor shortages, particularly in health, sciences, skilled trades, transport, and equipment, are expected to persist into the future.

The PNP serves as an alternate route for candidates who do not meet up to the Express Entry pathway but can still qualify to fill in a need in the Canadian labor market in order to fill any available vacuum and assist in ensuring the economy’s growth and development. The only determining factor that qualifies an immigrant to fill the vacuum is the Permanent Residence Permit.

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