Canada is waiting for smart students like you.

Don’t get left out of this fantastic opportunity to Study in Canada.

Introducing EduCanada 2020

The EduCanada Fair is platform that showcases Canadian Universities, Colleges and Schools to Foreign students who desire to study in Canada.

It Is taking place in two major cities in Nigeria. They are Abuja and Lagos. In Abuja, it is at Sheraton Hotel on the 22nd-23rd of January 2020. In Lagos, it is at Federal Palace Hotel on the 25th-26th of January 2020.

The Time for both locations is 11 am – 5 pm daily.

At the EduCanada fair expect to learn about how smart students like you to discover the numerous educational opportunities available in Canada. By connecting you with representatives from accredited Canadian schools, post-secondary colleges and universities as well as connect with a licensed Immigration Agency like ours to hold your hand every step of the way.


Here are 5 reasons why Canada has become the top Education destination for foreign students around the world.

1. Affordable Education

The quality of education and living standards in Canada are amongst the highest in the world, but the cost of living and tuition fees for international students are generally lower than in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. As such, Canada is often the preferred choice for students attending college or university.

2. Healthy and Safe Communities

While you may have heard of or experienced Canadians’ friendly and open nature, you may not be aware that the United Nations consistently ranks Canada as one of the best places in the world to live. As an international student in Canada, you’ll enjoy all of the same freedoms which protect Canadians – respect for human rights, equality, and a stable and peaceful society.

3. Qualifications Valued Around the World

Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous quality controls mean that you’ll be earning a high-quality education that will open doors for your future and benefit your career over the long term. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States or the United Kingdom.

4. Exciting Campus Lifestyle

Canada’s postsecondary campuses aren’t only wired with the latest in sophisticated technology, but countless other modern amenities as well. From Olympic-quality sports facilities to public concert halls and art galleries, Canada’s postsecondary campuses offer you enormous possibilities for learning and leisure. Plus, you’ll have incredible opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and gain valuable experience through student-run governments, radio, newspapers and businesses.

5. Possibility of Immigration

Did you know that international students with Canadian credentials and Canadian work experience may be eligible to apply for permanent residency without having to leave Canada? Well, now you do!

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