Getting a Canadian Visa for Canadian immigration is great, but one must bear it in mind that it is just a first step to things unknown. Preparation, therefore, is key in ensuring that your Canadian immigration economic assimilation is swift and done with ease. In order to make this possible for you, we offer prompt Canadian immigration services to ensure that your time in Canada is well enjoyed and utilized. It is, however, pertinent to point that our services do not end with our clients getting their permanent residence (PR) visa alone as we diligently follow through to ensure that the assimilation process is done with ease. The services we offer as listed below;

  • Preparation for your Canadian Port of Entry; Here, our case managers make it their priority to ensure that your ‘Landing in Canada” is effortless by ensuring that immigration documents have been well scrutinized to the Canadian standard and this is achieved by giving immigration consultations/advice on the important immigration documents to have at the time.

  • Generate Links to get Job Offers; once a client has gotten the permanent visa and has finally integrated into the Canadian space, we would ensure that various job links are provided in order to begin job considerations. Immediately the job is found, we would reach out to the employer to chip in a good word about the client and make the employer understand the importance of hiring foreign skilled talent and experience.

  • Accommodation Checklist; this is very important and should be considered immediately the Permanent residence is issued, however, in events where clients do not have friends or relatives in Canada, we ensure that we give Canadian living consultations to ensure that our clients are well catered to.

  • School for Kids; Worried about the immigration process disrupting your child’s educational flow? Well, we are here for you. We render a list of well-defined learning centers where children can continue with their education in Canada.

  • Credit Loans; We offer financial consultations on how to receive the government credit loans accessible to citizens. Lastly, we offer travel advice on how to acquire Canadian Citizenship.

Pals Concierge helps Canadian Immigration candidates to get the right criteria on how to apply for this extraordinary immigration pathway and build their profiles to ensure that they are in the pool before the next draw is conducted. We are experts in immigration consultation and we can help you make the Canadian Permanent Residence process less burdensome with guidelines for the sequence, where and what to do, IELTS exam success strategy etc. The earlier you submit your profile to the Canadian Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Pools the better your chances of receiving an ITA and LAA respectively. You do not know when the next draw will take place with a cut-off Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score lower than your CRS score.  If you desire to join the pools to qualify for a draw then click on this link to assess your Canadian Permanent Residence eligibility-

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