Let’s help make your childbirth affordable and stress free.

Childbirth in the US is a pleasant experience but can surprisingly be a nightmare for first timers.  

Why? Finding a pocket-friendly, furnished and fit-for-purpose accommodation can be a headache; families or friends may offer housing which in most cases don’t turn out to be as planned.

Next, transportation in the USA can be puzzling and expensive. Unlike other parts of the world, childbirth care providers charge their fees individually and as such one will be required to pay the Gynaecologist, Paediatrician, Hospital, etc. independently.

Getting an accurate estimate, all-inclusive bills from the various care providers is quite imperative. Above all lacking information/know-how can be utterly frustrating and very costly. With PALs Concierge you can escape the ordeal.

Why PALs Concierge?

PALs Concierge is poised to help you make your childbirth in the US seamless and hitch free. We’ll help you secure decent and hygienic accommodation that fits your budget, solve your transportation glitches, provide you professional advices while you seek to obtain your child’s birth certificate and US passport and load more.

The key to a successful childbirth project is effective planning and implementation. We recommend that we come in early during the planning phase; visa processing, choosing an affordable yet expert Doctor and hospital etcetera.

PALs Concierge have well over 327 happy clients from over eight countries within three years of operation.

  • Visa Application Service

Applying for a US visa for childbirth intent is a fragile process. Many applicants are being declined US visas because they have muddled-up the visa application or  have not adequately proven to the US Consulate that they are qualified for a US visa. Some even shoot themselves in the foot and get ban from applying again.

PALs Concierge assist clients to package their US visa application for childbirth purpose. We guide clients while filling their visa application forms, submit, schedule an appointment, and most significantly, we prepare our clients comprehensively for a successful visa interview. Getting a US Visa is no guarantee, but we certainly can raise the stakes via a professional and ethical visa application blueprint.

  • Port Of Entry (POE) Preparation Service

US Port Of Entries (POEs) can be a hurdle to pregnant women who are not well-informed or well-prepared. Some pregnant women get turned back to their home country at the POE, if they do not satisfactorily convince the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers that they are eligible for entry into the US.  In view of this, we prepare our clients for their port of entry (POE) experience.  We at USA Childbirth Concierge ensure that our clients experience a smooth and hassle-free entry into the US without having to lie or trying to conceal their pregnancy, by preparing them for this experience. Giving birth in the US is legal, lying is not.

  • Transportation Service

Transportation in the US can be quite costly and puzzling. Our package includes transportation services for our clients, this include;

      • Airport pick-up and drop-off
      • Once in a week grocery/baby item shopping
      • Once in a week Gynaecologist appointment
      • Once in a week Paediatrician appointment
      • Transportation to obtain Birth Certificate
      • Transportation to obtain US Passport

With the above transportation services covered, burden regarding getting around is certainly taken off.

  • Maternity Package Arrangement

In a bid to prevent this frustrating experience, we assist clients to make arrangement for medical packages in the US, for normal delivery and Caesarean Section. Childbirth care providers in the US charge their fees individually and as such one will be required to pay the Gynaecologist, Paediatrician, Hospital, etc. independently. These fees are fixed and includes; ob-gyn fees, hospital bills, lab test fees, anaesthesia (in the event of a C.S or opted for in the case of normal delivery), ultrasound/sonograms, pre-natal visits and post-partum care, paediatrician fees. We present our clients with options to choose from; e.g. in Houston we recommend top-notch yet the most cost effective hospitals . We also recommend top-notch Gynaecologists, Paediatricians and other care-givers which you could contact these parties for best quotes for ‘self-pay patient’ and associated terms. We help clients stay on budget as much as possible and thus lend advice in this regard.

  • Accommodation Service

Our Housing options are within reasonable distance the highly recommended Hospitals and in close proximity to various shopping malls, restaurants, grocery stores and more.

  • US Citizenship Document Processing

At PALs Concierge, assist our clients in processing the citizenship documents of their new-born. We ensure that our clients have everything right, even up till their departure from the US.

  • New-born Nigerian Visa/Passport Processing

At PALs Concierge are well versed in the paperwork and processing involved in getting your new-born baby a Nigerian Visa or Passport. As a result, we have garnered the expertise and technical-knowhow needed to get it done fast, easily and hassle-free.

Visa processing with our service takes 2 business days only; after which your baby’s passport with visa will be mailed back to your preferred US address. Thus, entire process inclusive of postage/mailing time is about 5 working days.

However, if you are flying through New York or Maryland you can apply for your new-born Nigerian Passport at the Consulate General of Nigeria, NY or ML.


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