‘Immigration is seen as the “Key” to driving Canada’s population growth in decades in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick’,  says a new report by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC). The three provinces, collectively known as Canada’s maritime provinces, have been the focus of intensive efforts to attract and retain Skilled Foreign Workers and their families in recent years.







Immigration is seen as the pathway to reducing population and labor forces declines caused by migration to other provinces, low fertility rates, and older populations. The report said net international Canadian immigration was the biggest contributor to these results in PEI, with the province responding the largest number of new immigrants in Canada in 2016-2018, relative to the size of its population.

Provincial Nominee Programs ‘Biggest Source of Foreign Newcomers (Immigrants)’

According to the APEC report, provincial nominee programs in Canada’s Atlantic provinces brought 22,000 newcomers to the region between 2016-2018, making them the biggest source of new immigrants. PNPs, allow Canadian provinces to nominate a specified number of economic immigration candidates each year for permanent residence in Canada.

The importance of the Provincial Nomination cannot hereby be overemphasized, it has overtime recorded it’s immense success rates as a tool for assistance to Canada immigration candidates that do not meet the Express Entry pathway. Each PNP is divided into a number of streams that are designed to meet diverse labor force needs in the province. With its constant review of their occupations in the Demand list, they have devised a means of creating more opportunities for aspiring Canadian immigration candidates who want to change their scenery.

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