Canadian Companies Hiring Now!

Getting a job in Canada has been one of the basic recurring concerns of aspiring candidates. The fact remains that with low unemployment rates, many Canadian employers have had to work harder to attract and retain top international talent, as there are fewer available Canadian workers for each job opening. In turn, this encourages employers to employ workers beyond Canadian boundaries.

Forbes magazine and the market research company Statista surveyed 8,000 employees to determine the best places to work in Canada. Participants were working for businesses with at least 500 employees. They have ranked the top 300 employers that received the most recommendations.

Those that topped the list hailed from major cities like Montreal, and Toronto as well as smaller cities like Ottawa and Winnipeg. Many of these companies were a part of the technology, aerospace, education, media, and advertising and transportation sectors.

And yes— they are all hiring.

10 Canadian Companies Hiring Now!

1. Google

Industry: IT, Internet, Software and Services.
Employees: 2,300.

Forbes has named; the world-famous search engine, the best place to work in Canada for the third year in a row. Canadian offices are in Toronto, Montreal, as well as Kitchener, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta.

2. Hydro-Québec.

Industry: Utilities.
Employees: 19,904.

Quebec’s public utility company that powers homes throughout the province is also the second-best place to work in Canada.

3. Cisco Systems.

Industry: IT, Internet, Software and Services.
Employees: 1,727.

Cisco develops, manufactures and sells technology services and products. It is hiring in most major cities in Canada including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal.

4. Costco Wholesale.

Industry: Retail and Wholesale.
Employees: 39,000.

Costco has locations in every province in Canada and offers wholesale merchandise to customers with memberships. Career paths with Cosco are available in information technology, finance, marketing and many more.

5. Ubisoft.

Industry: Media and Advertising.
Employees: 15,985.

People who play video games have almost certainly come across a Ubisoft game. The video game company with headquarters in Montreal has almost 16,000 employees and is still hiring in animation, programming, quality control and more.

6. Microsoft.

Industry: IT, Internet, Software and Services.
Employees: 2,300.

The multinational computer company moved up from number nine in 2019 to the sixth spot this year In September 2020, Microsoft’s office in Mississauga will move to downtown Toronto.

7. Boeing

Industry: Aerospace & Defense
Employees: 2,000

According to the company web page, nearly 75 percent of airplanes in the sky today was made by Boeing. Job seekers may find opportunities in one of six Manitoba career areas: business, cyber-security, data science and analytics, engineering, information technology, and manufacturing.

8. Air Transat.

Industry: Transportation and logistics
Employees: 5,000

Air Transat is an airline that is hiring in Quebec and Ontario. Their web page says that Air Transat employees benefit from competitive wages, social benefits, and travel benefits.

9. FedEx.

Industry: Transportation and logistics.
Employees: 6,750

FedEx is a courier company that has operations across Canada. Currently, they are hiring cargo handlers, ramp handlers, and couriers.

10. University of Toronto

Industry: Education
Employees: 7,198

In addition to making it to the top 10 places to work in Canada, the University of Toronto was also rated the best place to study in Canada by McLean’s Magazine.


The employment gap between new immigrants and Canadian-born workers is the smallest it has been in a decade. The employment rate gap decreased from 19 percentage points in 2010 to 13 percentage points in 2018. 

Recent immigrants are also experiencing faster growth in employment rates than the Canadian-born. Newcomers saw their employment rate increased by 7.7 percentage points from 2010 to 2018, compared to 2.1 percentage points for Canadians. 

About half of all immigrants have at least a bachelor’s degree. Over half, 54 percent, of those in Canada between the ages of 25 and 64 with a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) degree are immigrants. 

Visible minority populations are expected to continue on an upward trend, particularly in major cities. 

By 2036 up to 40 percent of the population aged 15-64 is expected to belong to a visible minority group. Statistics Canada also predicts that up to 31 percent of the population will have a mother tongue other than English or French, and up to 16 percent will have a non-Christian religion. 



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