We are aware of the dominant general question of “Now in the Pool, What Next” and we have drafted suitable answers for you. Canada’s various immigration pathways have maintained the pattern of their selection process of gradually scrutinizing profiles to decipher outstanding profiles worthy of an invitation.





Immigration to Canada is the goal, but a selection from the overly qualified applicants from all over the world is the predominant concern. We cannot begin to express the anxiousness that brews during the waiting period. We have drafted a list of preparation kit.

Here are some few tips to help you prepare for selection:
1. Update your profile: Be sure to keep your profile updated in events when changes in documents and addition and subtraction of family members occur. Be precise with sharing all information with the IRCC, to avoid being disqualified or banned. Ensure that your information stays true and accurate at all times.
2. Get your Documents in place: Follow the instructions on the documentation checklist, to be abreast with the various required for the process, their order of propriety and the time frame for submission. I.e: ensure that each document is gathered and at arms-length in cases of urgent submission. You would not want to be taken by surprise when being called upon and you are unable to submit your documents at stipulated times.
3. Get your Settlement Funds ready: This point cannot be overemphasized; settlement funds prove that you have a settlement plan which has been taken care of financially and otherwise. Once in the pool, begin to pull strings to build your account to be able to reflect a substantial coverage for the entire family.
4. Pay close attention to Pals Concierge’s email updates: Stay in touch with our email updates to stay abreast with information, reviews and changes that may occur during the application process.

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