Nigerian Ibo-born Uzoma Asagwara is reported to be one of the three black representatives to break the 150-year Caucasian history in the Manitoba legislative house through the New Democratic Party. The recent Manitoba parliamentary election witnessed a more diverse set of candidates in the past years. Her election took a historical part and mark in the country as she was the first black woman to be elected in the Parliament of Manitoba.


The Nigerian-Canadian expressed that she is elated to be among the new black representatives including Jamie Moses and Aubrey Gordon,  in the province because she believes that they would serve as a reflection of the minorities in the community. She has remained a pro-active immigrant/activist by working within her community as a psychiatric nurse who specialized in adult and youth mental health and addictions for a long time and also have been thoroughly involved in communal activities in Winnipeg such as; currently serving as a member of the women’s health clinic board of directors.

It should be brought to light that Uzoma Asagwara was not only a political activist but also an athlete especially with her involvement as a member of the Canadian national women’s basketball team.  This remains a remarkable period for every African person in Manitoba as no black person has ever been elected in the history of the province. Uzoma has received massive support from far and wide since her vote as a lot of people believe that they have found their voice and Uzoma would be the best representative to make their opinions known.

This ecstatic feeling is in sync with when Barack Obama became the first Black president of the United States, that period served as a beacon of hope to all the blacks in the US and in the world at large, this was because, at that time, the world began to see blacks with a different point of importance.“The swearing-in of Uzoma Asagwara has now encouraged immigrants to envision themselves as being part of the Government in order to do good and contribute their bit to the betterment of society.

This couldn’t have been achieved if Uzoma’s parents had not taken the big step of relocating to Canada. This also could have been hindered if Uzoma decided to shy away from communal integration and affairs. Uzoma expresses to every African especially Nigerians that Canada is “a melting pot with the desirability of assimilation and integration of newcomers. What else are you waiting for? Nigeria is steadily leaving its footprints of impact in each society it finds itself, You too could be the next to make the Parliament seat.

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