Happy Belated Independence Nigeria, we are glad to witness another promising era, a period of new beginnings and opportunities for Nigeria client testimonials are an amazing way of starting our month.

We can all agree that Saskatchewan steady distincts itself as one of the most unique provinces in Canada, consistently increasing it’s admission criteria yet introducing occupational avenues for international skilled candidates all over the world. Saskatchewan remains one of the best provinces to apply for in the Provincial Nominee stream as it has single-handedly placed itself in the top margin of immigrants’ selection.


The saying that “Immigration Statistics do not tell Immigration Stories, People Do”, is not far from the truth as one of our clients has successfully secured the most sort after Letter of Advice to Apply invitation from Saskatchewan (Canada) through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. Words cannot express the joy and excitement we could feel over the phone when he called to share the good news with us, it was such an amazing moment that we were eager to get a copy of his invitation for our testimonials archive to reassure ourselves of the good work we constantly do. With Saskatchewan been a “boiling pot of cultures”, we knew that instant that he was in good hands and that his integration process will be swift and very adventurous.

Securing an LAA is the master key to opening up endless opportunities, with a Saskatchewan nomination in hand, a Permanent residence would not be far-fetchedand also, citizenship would be easier to acquire. This is no time to second guess, as the journey of a thousand mile begins with a step; the step involves affiliating with a skilled timeless-travel partner. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for, reach out to us today!

For more information about how the entire Manitoba PNP streams and pathway works, how to get selected, whats is required of the candidate to present upon selection, and most importantly what your chances are, reach out to Pals Concierge.

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