The reason why visas are denied or refused is that ” a hint of manipulation is sensed“, using India as a case study, the report from Globe and Mail has spotted a massive increase in visitor visa refusals from India, connected to misrepresentation and fraud. A lot of red flags were raised from applications received from India due to the belief that “Most of the submitted Visas have been boycotted and manipulated in their representation” and the IRCC has decided to carefully scrutinize each application received from India.

Due to this, the data provided by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada reveals the percentage of refusals associated with applicant misrepresentation has nearly tripled since 2017, with 0.9 percent of Indian visitor visa rejections in 2017 due to misrepresentation, compared to 2.5 percent this year.

Simply put, there was a detection of perfectly manipulated applications received from India which had undergone a series of twitches of information to enable the consideration of the profile on a merit selection list. These quirky representatives/ agents otherwise known as Ghost Consultants” may be a contributing cause in the increase in refusals attributed to misrepresentation, a term for immigration consultants without proper certification and no measures for accountability.

Misrepresentation is the use of untrue or misleading information or documents in an immigration application to gain favoritism. With the risk of misrepresentation in immigration applications high, and the repercussions potentially very serious, ensuring your application is done right the first time saves you time, money and resources. The most advisable method to prevent misrepresentation and ban is by procuring an accountable, accurate and complete immigration application.


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