Finding a “Home away from Home” can be difficult and most times nostalgia can hinder you from fully settling into your new environment. In this sense, once you finally find somewhere that makes you feel connected to your roots, words cannot express the “Joy “ or “Sense of Belonging” that follows suit. Channeling a conviction from your inner self to take the daring step of immigrating to Canada is “magical” and finding a province that understands you is “bliss”.


Studies such as the Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Index focused on deciphering the most liveable cities in the world has shown that there are three Canadian cities which have checked out as part as the most inhabitable cities.



These cities are: Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. Calgary, Alberta, was the highest-ranked Canadian city on the annual index, placing fifth out of the 140 cities surveyed. Vancouver and Toronto held on to their rankings from last year, ranking sixth and seventh, respectively. Vienna, Austria, has successfully retained the first and second positions as the cities most fit to live in, for the second year in a row.


There was a total of 140 cities reviewed and they received a score based on these qualitative and quantitative factors under each of the following five categories:


  • Stability: This explored the prevalence of social crime and the threat to national security, level of corruption; military conflict or civil unrest.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare focused on the availability and accessibility to good health facilities, quality of healthcare rendered, over-the-counter drugs and other general healthcare indicators.
  • Culture and Environment: This category expressed the temperature rating; climate; social or religious restrictions; food and drink; and other social components.
  • Education: The availability and quality of private and public education were examined to decipher if good education was circulated.
  • Infrastructure: This is also part of what makes a city successful; the ability of the government in charge to provide good roads, public transportation, quality housing, and other elements. All these were thoroughly assessed. The index for each category was scored over a cumulative of 100 which showed that the conditions of that city are inhabitable.

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