The interview contributes about 50% percent in your Canadian Immigration, it is the much-anticipated stage two of the entire application process. Therefore, the popular saying “Dress how you want to be Addressed” plays a major role in giving an onlooker a general overview of your personality. The trick is to dress with dignity and respect in order to be accorded a high level of reverence.


I understand how much chill sprints through your body by merely thinking of the entire interview session. Trust me, nervousness is a normal phenomenon, I mean the thought of undergoing close scrutiny from an immigration officer focused on accessing both your admissibility and eligibility for entrance to Canada is a whole lot to take in. Truth be told, these immigration officers have been trained to pass credibility judgments without bias, however, interviewees can will the interview in their favor by dressing in a professional and respectful manner as physical appearance and first impressions are intertwined.

What To Wear?

Please be advised to dress formally as if you are going to sign a business deal, contract or a job interview. Don’t get me wrong, you can dress however you feel comfortable yet be moderately conservative; clean-shaven, smell nice sparingly, hair neatly done, and your clothes properly ironed. No need for over the top spending, but whatever you do, your aim should be to portray a strong and responsible countenance, this would give an excellent first impression.

What NOT to Wear…

Derogatory or contentious outfits should be ticked off your bucket-list and MUST not be considered. DO NOT wear gym clothes, tank-tops, shorts, and tight-revealing outfits. Use your discretion in the aspect of applying your makeup, you do not want anything distracting the interviewer. Do not look disorganized, like you scurried down to the interview station.

Being confident can go a long way in affirming your level of proficiency in the skills and qualifications you aim at portraying. The trick here is to look overtly qualified and Canada will welcome you with open arms. Be aware that before you scale through to being invited for the interview, you must first receive your ITA or LAA which comes as a result of being in the Express Entry pool. Canada needs YOU…

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