Public opinion polls have proven undefeated in understanding public views and reasons why they align with particular perspectives, with the Canadian Election day (Judgement Day) fast approaching, the public were elated when the Angus Reid survey presented them with the opportunity to air their views on the forthcoming elections.

According to the survey; Just over half of Canadians back Canada’s immigration target of nearly 331,000 newcomers this year or feel more should be welcomed, a new Angus Reid Institute public opinion poll shows.

Of the 1,522 Canadians surveyed, 39 percent said the target was at the right level while another 13 percent said it should be higher. Forty percent said the target is too high and another 8 percent said they weren’t sure.


The Angus Reid Institute survey provides a snapshot of public opinion on immigration as Canadians get ready to vote in the country’s 43rd federal election on October 21. Immigration remains one of the major parameters of all the six political parties contesting for the elections.

The 2019 target of 330,800 new permanent residents was set by the Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau, who is running for a second term as Canada’s prime minister. The target is an increase of 21,000 over 2018 and it is set to rise again to 341,000 in 2020 under the Liberals’ multi-year immigration levels plan.

Simply put, the majority of Canadian citizens feel that though the immigration levels might be high, immigration has played a crucial role in the development of many Canadian sectors which has in turn helped with its economy’s growth and development. The higher the immigration targets, the influx of the right labor force that enhances growth and development.

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