Canada has emerged as a leader on immigration over the last four years, a position that is gaining recognition all over the world. With the Canadian Federal elections just around the corner, knowing each party’s views on immigration has never been more important. Whether you are a citizen within the next few years, being informed on the parties’ immigration platforms can help you make the decision that suits you best.


Canada three major political parties- the governing liberals, the conservative party, democratic party.

Since taking power in late 2015, the liberals have overseen a dramatic increase in the number of invitations to apply for the Canadian Permanent residence, ITAs issued through Express Entry System from 33,782 in 2016 to 86,023 in 2017 to 89,800 in 2018. The introduced significant changes to the Comprehensive Ranking System that determines a candidate’s position in the pool. This has benefited candidates with human capital scores, which include age, language proficiency, education, and skilled work experience. Combined, they provide what is known as a CRS score.

Conservatives: Proposed a number of measures on Canadian immigration. For settlement support, the conservatives hope to address the need for adequate and equitable resources for the instruction of language to immigrants and their families.

NDP: Spearheading the push for universal health care for all Canadians and immigrants. The NDP is yet to detail its approach to immigration policy, but the party’s views on immigration typically emphasize comparison for immigrants and their family reunification.

It is refreshing to see all the major parties voicing favorable views on immigration, though we are yet to some important details as to their policies and positions. It is not debatable that for each party’s manifesto, there would be some form of lingering unforeseen “Cons” around the implementation of these policies. It is, therefore, not easy to figure out which party would be more favorable to immigration as some political critics have pointed out some flaws and favoritism in some party’s manifestos.

Candidates who are eligible under the current system may want to act quickly in order to maximize their chances of obtaining permanent residence before changes occur.




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