The anticipation of the elections in the fall has caused a lot of disparities concerning the opinion of people on who the better leader of Canada would be. In the prediction of the total votes cast, an opinion census poll was conducted by Public Square Research and Maru/Blue for CBC News, the poll ran between May 31 and June 10, interviewing 4,500 Canadians online. The survey included a sample of 3,000 eligible voters and additional samples of 500 respondents from each of three targeted demographics: first-time voters, new Canadians, and Indigenous people.


The research claims that the Liberals are losing a lot of indigenous votes and gaining more votes from new Canadian acquaintances, though the percentage of citizens in support of the incumbent prime minister. The prime minister scored generally more positive ratings on a number of issues among new Canadians than he did among the population as a whole, particularly on immigration. Sixty percent of new Canadians said Trudeau has done very or fairly well on the immigration file, compared to just 39 percent among the general population

But new Canadians across the board are more upbeat, giving better ratings to the opposition leaders, expressing more optimism about their future and being more likely than other Canadians to say the country is on the right track. The results show these voters are split between the three main parties, with the Liberals narrowly edging out the others with 29 percent. The Conservatives followed closely with 28 percent and the NDP with 24 percent.

This fluctuation of numbers suggest regional differences in Canada’s politics won’t be the only factors deciding who wins the October election; the demographic differences might be just as important. With these fluctuations and unpredictable future results, now still remains the best time to get started with your application process.

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