When it comes to getting the Canadian visa, a lot of people are faced with the confusion and question of why rejection scenarios occur is pertinent and prominently recurrent.  It has, therefore, become a mystery of how to answer why such ill fates befall some unfortunate applicants after all the efforts dedicated to the Canadian Immigration application process. It is not far from the truth that Canada has expanded its Immigration quota and has ensured that its borders have been designed to be admissible to more immigrants from all over the world. Her Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen, a Somalian Immigrant has encouraged that Canada is a place to be judging by his immigration story and how swift his socio-economic integration has been since he immigrated. It is, therefore, relatively true that “Immigration Statistics do not share Immigration Stories, People Do”, which is why a sense of belonging and acceptance follows suit once an immigrant is fully settled and integrated into the foreign society. The good news is that we have found befitting reasons why these pitiful situations occur and ways to prevent their recurrences.

In cases where a Canadian visa is not approved or it has been denied, The stipulated reasons might not entirely be due to the candidate’s deliberate default of the laid down immigration guidelines. Here are 5 possible reasons why denial has followed suit:

  • Insufficient Basic Requirements; When candidates do not meet up to the standard requirements such as age, level of education, work experience, proof of funds, these could lead to rejection. These are the basic factors used to test the eligibility of candidates to ensure they are qualified to begin their application process.

  • Work Experience is “Not” in Line with NOC’s Occupation-In-Demand; situations whereby an applicant’s job prescription and experience is not in line with the occupational demands of the National Occupational Classification, such applicant is denied visa, this is because the Canadian government expects prospective applicants to be admitted into their areas of specialty and nothing else.

  • Falsified References; Applicants always need to provide genuine documentation when called upon, in cases where an applicant fabricates employment details and reference letters which are not relatable, such applications would be dismissed.

  • Life-Threatening Diseases; Once an applicant is detected to be a carrier of an air-bound disease such as tuberculosis which would be detrimental to the health of other citizens in Canada, such an application is denied.

  • Illegal Representation: It is best advised to get in touch with immigration experts to ensure that your visa application process is flawless, swift and hassle-free. This is because any misplaced documentation, wrongly spelt names, and other little flaws can disrupt the entire application process.

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